Oded Kopatz, Board Member
Mr. Kopatz is an investor at several high-tech and bio-tech ventures, and was amongst of the first investors at Beeologics, acquired by Monsanto at 2011.
Mr. Kopatz joined Morflora's board of directors in 2009. As the owner and general manager of companies in the real estate and construction industries, he has extensive business and management experience. He is a former member of the managing committee of the Ramat-Gan, Givataim & Bnei Brak professional constructors’ organization. 
Yaniv Gur, Board Member
Mr. Gur joined Morflora's board of directors in 2009. With 12 years experience in executive management of companies in the wine and food industries, Yaniv Gur is an entrepreneur with proven commercial and business developing background. Yaniv is a founder and general manager at Bright-Up Ltd. and Spica Ltd. Both companies represent leading brands from around the world in the fields of enology, biotechnology and equipment. Yaniv holds an MBA and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.
Israel Gabel, Board Member
As CEO of Invatech, Mr. Gabel facilitates investments in high-tech and bio-tech Israeli ventures on behalf of several overseas funds. Mr. Gabel serves as director on behalf of the leading investor at Integra Holdings, a holding company focusing on biopharmaceutical companies based on inventions of researchers from the Hebrew University, in partnership with Yissum. Mr. Gabel joined Morflora's board of directors in 2010. After moving to Israel from Peru, he was admitted to the Israeli bar association and held a partner position in leading law firms. He brings with him extensive legal and executive experience, and he previously managed companies in the agriculture and infrastructure projects in Peru. Mr. Gabel is a BA graduate in Law from the Hebrew University.
Yaacov Michlin, Observer
Yaacov Michlin is the President and CEO of The technology transfer arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Yissum Research Development Company. Over the past twelve years, Yaacov Michlin has been leading and assisting pharmaceutical, hi-tech and biomedical companies in various technology commercialization deals, licensing agreements, capital raising activities, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. Michlin holds a Bachelor of Law and Economics cum laude, and a Master of Law all from Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. In addition, he has an MBA cum laude from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. 

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