Morflora has an experienced and talented group of scientists and technology leaders onboard, who have a long and impressive history in plant and insects virology field.

Dotan Peleg, CEO
Dotan Peleg joined Morflora after founding and managing several high-tech start-ups. Formerly CEO of HyNEX, he led the company to a $127M acquisition by Cisco. Dotan brings extensive expertise in setting up ventures, developing new products, and breaking into markets with new technologies.
Mr. Peleg is suma cum laude graduate in Physics from the Tel Aviv University.
Miri Lapidot, PhD., Director R&D
Miri Lapidot brings over 15 years experience of molecular & genetic manipulation research at the academy and as an R&D manager in the Biotech industry. She previously led R&D projects at Bio-Oz, and served as director of Bio-research at IREP-IDC. Miri continues to lecture at Ben Gurion University (BGU).
Dr. Herve Huet , PhD., Head of Research
Dr. Herve Huet is a Plant Virology & Molecular Biology domain expert, with over 15 years of experience in leading Ag-Biotechnology R&D projects. He is a co-inventor of the TraitUP™ platform.
Iris Smirra, Seed Treatment Manager
Iris Smirra brings more than 15 years of experience in the seed industry and extensive experience in the development and operation of advanced seed treatments. Iris held an executive position at Zeraim Gedara, a seed company which was acquired by Syngenta, a leading international agrochemical company. Previously, Iris led R&D projects at Seambiotic and Univerve-biofuel, two biotechnology start-up companies. Iris holds MSc. in biotechnology.
Galit Sharabani, Ph.D., M.B.A, Molecular Analysis Manager
Galit Sharabani brings executive experience as quality control manager at Hazera Genetics, a seed company that was acquired by Vilmorin, where she led the quality control department to the top laboratory accreditation from the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority. As a phytopathologist, Galit took part in a national project to cope with bacterial canker disease.

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