The Marker | June 2014Soon We Will Save The World

TheMarker | June 2014Morflora: A Positive Virus

Transition Voice | January 2013Secrets of the Trait
Times of Israel | January 2013Agritech start-up may have solution to ‘better GMOs’
Israel 21C | December 2012Morflora’s Plant “Vaccine” Boosts Food Production Without Using GMOs | September 2012Morflora ose la « vaccination » des semences
Asia Pacific Biotech | September 2012Sowing the Seeds of Innovation, Reaping the Rewards of Agricultural Revolution
Targina | May 28 2012Empresa Israelí propone revolucionar la agricultura
Latam Israel | May 23 2012Startup Israelí va a solucionar el problema del hambre en el mundo y revolucionar la agricultura para siempre.
Israel Valley | May 1 2012Morflora, Start-Up startup israélienne, seme les graines d'une revolution pour l'agriculture mondiale. Des plantes non-transgénique mais génétiquement plus résistantes
Bio Portfolio | April 27 2012Congratualtions to Red Herring's 2012 top 100 European award winners
Agritech nieuws | April 16 2012Moraflora ontwikkelt revolutionaire technologie voor gewasbescherming.
Haaretz Online| April 12 2012Homegrown Israeli idea for conquering the world food shortage
Innovation Toronto| April 13 2012Sowing Seeds of Revolution
The algemeiner| April 17 2012U.S Funds “Flu Shot” for Plants Undertaken by Israeli Company
The Marker | March 22 2012A small startup on a moshav has come up with a way to immunize plants to make them genetically resistant to disease. (HEB) 
Seed World| April 12 2012A new technology for the swift insertion of specific genetic materials into seeds, called TraitUP, has been developed by Ilan Sela and Haim Rabinowitch of the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
The Marker | October 27 2011Researchers have developed materials for protecting seeds against fatal disease using generic engineering  (HEB) 

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