Innovative Trait Delivery Platform – a breakthrough in trait delivery methods in plants and seeds

TraitUP™ is the first of its kind generic, non-transgenic molecular-level means that is capable of providing protection against biotic and abiotic factors as well as plant performance enhancement solution. It delivers desired traits into seeds using introduced DNA sequences into seeds which provide effective with potential pathogen-preventive measures. TraitUp™ successfully utilized the DNA spreading mechanism used in nature by plant viruses, and developed the patent-pending TraitUP™ Plasmid (A circular, double-stranded unit of DNA that replicates within a cell independently of the chromosomal DNA).

TraitUP™ plasmid serve as a vehicle to spread and replicate desired DNA sequences within the tissues of treated plants. TraitUP™ Plasmid components do not integrate into the plants' genome and hence are not heritable, thus the treated seeds and plants are not transgenic. The technology works smoothly with all genes and all plant species tested.

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