TraitUP™ is a revolutionary, fast, non-transgenic platform for trait introduction into seeds enabling immediate expression of traits in plants. This patent-pending method can easily be implemented as part of universal commercial seed treatment procedures. This pioneering technology enables seed companies and breeders for the first time to quickly provide protection against threats to crops, and at a later stage, introduce improved traits into seeds

The TraitUP™ components and the introduced gene(s) do not integrate into the plant’s genome and as of current knowledge are not heritable. Expression or silencing of genes of interest occurs within a few days in all herbaceous plants tested, including tomatoes and wheat, and in up to a month as tested in woody trees. Expression is durable and persists throughout the life span of the plant (read more in the science section).

Until today, introduction of genes to a given plant, by breeders relied on classical methods which can take up anytime between three to seven years to develop and express the desired trait in particular plant species, or by genetic engineering which is time and capital consuming.

Morflora’s TraitUP™ offers for the first time an innovative, fast and non-transgenic alternative for protecting and enhancing crops, easily by a simple seed treatment and expressed within days. Employing TraitUP™ reduces the dependency on chemical control, resulting in reduced pollution, healthier crops and increased yield.

The capability of adding desired traits into seeds for both protection and enhancement purposes, in a scaled-up commercial fashion which takes only a few days, constitutes a paradigm shift in the seed industry worldwide.

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