Some of the plant diseases caused by viruses are responsible for huge losses in crop production and quality in all parts of the world. Infected plants may show a range of symptoms depending on the causal agent, the time of infection, the plant species and the environment. Once infected, virus diseases cannot be controlled, hence some of the methods used to control plant viruses include pesticides, colored and pheromone based traps, indoors light spectrum modifications and physical barriers (nethouses) to reduce the vector(s)’ population; quarantining, eradication of infected plants; or the development of resistant varieties via long term classical breeding or transgenic means.

The short and simple treatment solution of protection from viral damages, TraitUP™ platform introduces a revolutionary effect on global agriculture resources, via a noticeable considerable reduction in use of chemicals, as well as innovative crop protection that saves tons of crops and money expenditures.

Delivering virus silencing genes, TraitUP™ platform is successfully used to induce TYLCV tolerance to susceptible tomato plants. Following acute TYLCV challenging, treated control plants show severe symptoms of TYLCV, but treated plants don’t. Additional information can be found here: Silencing of ORFs C2 and C4 of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Engenders Resistant or Tolerant Plants
Yuval Peretz, Assaf Eybishtz and Ilan Sela*

Using TraitUP™ platform to introduce virus resistance in a simple treatment to seeds or plants, may seem like a far-fetched vision, as currently the only means of protection is based on classical breeding or plant engineering for the introduction of gene(s) for resistance against a growing number of viruses. With Morflora, this vision of fast response and solution to acute damages is becoming a reality. Introduction of TYLCV tolerance was established in experiments conducted under collaboration with researches from the Volcani Center (Agricultural Research Organization, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel).

In order to extend TraitUP’s applicability and create a generic platform which can be used to introduce desired genes or DNA sequences into plants, Morflora continues to further develop virus resistance traits in various vegetables and plants, against several common viruses.

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